Trade value for the No. 1 overall pick

Facebook friend Reggie writes: Hey Mike, do you see a trade scenario with the Redskins trading up with the Rams to get Sam Bradford as likely? I get the sense he would rather play there than in St. Louis.

Mike Sando: This should be a fun one to analyze. The NFL draft-value chart says the Redskins' entire draft -- pick Nos. 4, 37, 103, 135 and 211 -- is worth 2,465 points. The chart values the No. 1 overall choice at 3,000 points. Some think the chart overvalues top picks. I would agree in a lot of cases, but not in a draft featuring a quarterback teams think a franchise could build around. Bradford could qualify as that type of quarterback.

The Redskins do have a quarterback they could offer as part of a trade. Jason Campbell learned the Jim Zorn offense, which was basically the Mike Holmgren offense, which is closely related to the Andy Reid offense, which is basically the Rams' offense under coordinator Pat Shurmur. Would the Rams be better off with Campbell, the fourth overall choice and another choice? Would the Redskins, already holding only five picks and none in the third round, sacrifice much of their first draft under Mike Shanahan for one player?

Bradford's perceived rise in recent weeks has made the No. 1 overall choice appear more valuable. That is good for the Rams. If they thought Bradford were the real deal, though, they should draft him. If Rams were not entirely sold on Bradford, they should consider that type of move. But if someone with Shanahan's credentials thought Bradford were a franchise quarterback, that could be telling.

To make this type of move, the Redskins might have to like Bradford more than the Rams liked him, and the Rams would have to like Campbell more than the Redskins liked him.

It's probably unlikely, but still fun to think through anyway. Additional thoughts?