If Clausen is the next Brady Quinn

Where Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen lands in the 2010 NFL draft could affect how well the Seahawks and 49ers protect their quarterbacks for years to come.


ClausenA couple draft-day scenarios came to mind after Washington acquired Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia in what I would consider the most significant move of this NFL offseason.

Both scenarios affected Seattle and San Francisco.

Scenario No. 1

Let's say the Redskins, having addressed their quarterback situation with McNabb, draft a tackle at No. 4. The Chiefs, having addressed their quarterback situation with Matt Cassel, draft a tackle at No. 5.

Seattle might then have to decide between taking the third-best tackle and the highest-rated player at another position. Taking the tackle becomes tougher to do under that scenario, particularly for a team that values offensive linemen differently (see the Rob Sims trade and how Alex Gibbs' teams have drafted at the position).

Scenario No. 2

Clausen falls past the Redskins at No. 4 and way, way down into the bottom third of the first round.

He becomes the next Brady Quinn, who went 22nd to Cleveland in 2007 even though some thought the Notre Dame quarterback might be a top-5 choice, mostly because he was a quarterback and teams value quarterbacks.

Under this scenario, let's say the Redskins take a tackle fourth, the Chiefs take one fifth, Oakland takes one at No. 8 and Buffalo takes one at No. 9. Let's also say Seattle takes safety Eric Berry or someone other than a tackle at No. 6.

Four tackles would be gone before the 49ers picked at No. 13.

If the 49ers drafted one anyway, they might be overvaluing a right tackle to fill a need. But with another choice at No. 17, they could still get value in the first round.

Five tackles would be off the board when Seattle chose at No. 14, and the Seahawks still would not have addressed their offensive line.

I wonder if Seattle might then trade back from No. 14, taking a tackle later in the first round while adding a second-round choice. Seattle could then draft for value in the second round while still having ammunition to consider making a trade for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

Which is another discussion entirely.