Kiper mock update: 49ers at No. 17

Mel Kiper's latest mock draft, available with commentaryInsider to Insider subscribers, features quite a few changes.

I'm providing updated thoughts, focusing next on the 49ers (additional analysis here):

17. San Francisco 49ers

Mel's latest pick: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

My thoughts: This scenario would work out well for the 49ers. They certainly could use a tackle. Davis would fill the need. As Kiper noted earlier Wednesday, he considers Davis a top-five talent with enough question marks to drag him down a bit, similar to Michael Oher's situation in 2009. Kiper thought Davis' draft status would have improved with another year of seasoning. The 49ers' new line coach, Mike Solari, could help get Davis ready. This choice needs to be a long-term selection anyway. And if Davis truly has elite talent, the 49ers wouldn't be reaching. I do wonder if Davis will remain available this late, and whether the 49ers could resist taking him at No. 13. In previous mocks, Kiper had the 49ers taking Texas safety Earl Thomas, Idaho guard Mike Iupati and Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams. He had the 49ers passing on Iupati this time, with Williams gone before the 17th pick.