Hill could lose $352,941 per game

Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill, already facing a likely one-game NFL suspension following a guilty plea for marijuana possession, could face more serious discipline after another arrest.

Hill faces a domestic-violence charge in the Seattle area.

This latest incident calls into question Hill's long-term future with the team. The six-year contract Hill signed before last season provided an easy out for the team after two years. The absence of a salary cap this offseason would make it even easier for the Seahawks to end their relationship with Hill.

The Seahawks might not be to that point yet, but Hill's pattern of behavior has to concern them. It'll come as no surprise if Hill misses more than one game to begin the 2010 season.

Hill is scheduled to earn $6 million in base salary this season. He stands to lose $352,941 in salary for every game he misses to a suspension, assuming the Seahawks keep him on their team at his current salary.