Statement from Rams' Stan Kroenke

Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke has released the following statement through Kroenke Sports Entertainment:

We are pleased to announce that we have exercised our right to purchase the remaining interest in the St. Louis Rams football team under the terms of our Partnership Agreement. We have enjoyed our involvement in the National Football League since our original expansion efforts beginning in 1993 and our subsequent 15-year partnership with the Rams. We look forward to working with the Rosenbloom family and the NFL. We will respect the league and its processes in our efforts to complete this transaction.

That last sentence suggests Kroenke won't be saying much, if anything, during the remainder of the process. The intrigue now centers around whether Kroenke, who owns the NBA and NHL teams in Denver, can exercise his option while still complying with the NFL's rules against cross-ownership, or whether the NFL might bend those rules.