Lawsuit against 49ers' stadium plans

Football fans I know would rather think about linebacker depth than stadium issues.

It's still worth noting that theme park owners affected by the 49ers' stadium plans have filed suit against the team and Santa Clara.

Howard Mintz of the San Jose Mercury News has followed the stadium issue closely. His take on the stadium fight in general, without regard for the subsequently filed lawsuit:

A close look at the deal demonstrates that both sides are likely exaggerating the consequences of building a 68,500-seat stadium on a parking lot adjacent to Great America theme park. Predictions of an apocalypse for the city if the stadium is built appear overblown. In many ways, the agreement between Santa Clara officials and the 49ers appears better than most recent public pacts for pro football stadiums, with a greater percentage of contribution from the team, legal protections against construction cost overruns and some provisions to insulate city coffers if stadium revenues fall short. At the same time, the stadium campaign's assurances of an economic bonanza from building the stadium appear likewise infused with hyperbole, based on experiences in other NFL cities and assessments from experts in pro sports stadium deals.

In other words, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.