Late-night Marshall rumblings

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald says the Dolphins have emerged as a competitor to Seattle in pursuing a trade for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

MarshallMarshallBack in January, Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel explained why he thought the Dolphins would never seriously consider adding Marshall.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is hearing the same things Cote is hearing, but he's with Hyde in thinking a move to get Marshall wouldn't make sense for the Dolphins.

Are the Dolphins really interested, or is their supposed interest merely convenient to the Broncos as they seek a market? It's tough to say.

The Seahawks' discipline could be tested in this situation. What kind of poker players are coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider? They resisted signing Marshall to an offer sheet, a move that would have cost them the sixth overall choice in the draft. They've sat back and waited for the Broncos to lower their price.

Carroll played it cool after minicamp practice Tuesday.

"We've done our homework and done our research on that," he told reporters. "Really, it's not in our hands. The Broncos have some things that they have to do. We're on alert here."

That could mean the Seahawks have named their price, and now they're comfortable calling the Broncos bluff, or at least seeing whether other suitors offer more.

The Dolphins hold the 12th, 43rd and 73rd choices in the first three rounds. The Seahawks hold the sixth, 14th and 60th choices. The Dolphins are reportedly trying to trade Ted Ginn Jr., so there could be quite a few moving parts to any deal involving Miami.

A parting thought: Marshall has had his share of off-field problems. Heading home to Florida -- and the glitz of Miami -- might not be the wisest move for a 26-year-old phenom looking for a fresh start.