2010 NFL Draft Order: Updated

AFC East teams will still have the most total picks -- 37 -- once the Dolphins' trade for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall becomes official.

But the most draft capital -- total value of choices, based on the trading chart -- remains with the NFC West.

I've made all of the recalculations available for download through an updated 2010 NFL draft order file. The file reflects draft order once the Marshall trade goes through and Denver adds the 43rd overall choice.

The Broncos join the Patriots, Eagles, Bucs and Chiefs as teams with more than one second-round choice. The Dolphins join the Titans, Falcons, Jaguars, Bears and Redskins among teams with zero.

The Giants are the only team with a lone pick in each round.

The chart breaks down picks by team.

2010 NFL Draft: Round-by-round picks