How I See It: NFC West Stock Watch


Shahid Khan, Rams bidder. The Illinois billionaire entered this week as the apparent favorite to take over majority stake in the Rams. Appearances can be deceiving. Khan abruptly found out his bid would be pushed to the background while Stan Kroenke attempted to increase his 40 percent stake into full ownership. Kroenke had that right. To my knowledge, no one publicly expressed an expectation it would happen. It did, and Khan's stock took a huge hit.


Kroenke. The billionaire owner of the NBA and NHL teams in Denver might need to adjust his portfolio to comply with NFL rules on cross-ownership. That shouldn't be too tough. Where there's a will -- and a billion dollars -- there's usually a way. Kroenke was probably underestimated after staying in the background as the Rams' minority owner for all these years. This was his first chance to take over the team and he pounced on it. He would instantly become the second-richest owner in the NFL (and in the NFC West).