Brandon Marshall vs. Marshawn Lynch

Tom asks via Facebook: The rumor mill is heating up regarding the potential trade of Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks. In a recent Tweet, you said that you weren't convinced Lynch could stay out of trouble. When I look at Lynch's rap sheet it doesn't look that bad to me. It looks like he has much better character than Brandon Marshall, Marshawn's effort on the football field has always been first rate. Why do you think Marshawn Lynch is not worth the risk?

Mike Sando: I don't know either player personally. My perception was that Lynch was higher risk. That isn't really the overriding issue, though. One huge difference, I think, is that multiple Seattle coaches, including offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, worked with Marshall in Denver. That would give Seattle an edge in getting the best from him in Seattle. Justin Forsett is the connection to Lynch (I do not see another obvious one). They played together at Cal. Big difference.

For the record, Bills general manager Buddy Nix said the team expects to keep Lynch.