Differing reports on Kroenke's motives

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has been out front on many Rams-related ownership stories, including the first report about Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez seeking to sell the team.

When news broke that minority owner Stan Kroenke wanted to buy full ownership, a move that trumped a bid from Shahid Khan, Miklasz accounted for various possibilities.

"One theory making the rounds is that Kroenke is pulling the power play as a ploy to get Khan to offer him more money for the 40 percent share," Miklasz wrote nearly a week ago. "But I talked to enough people in the know Monday night who insist that this is no game -- and that Kroenke genuinely wants to gain 100 percent control of the Rams and he believes there is a way to get it done with the NFL."

Daniel Kaplan's subsequent report for Sports Business Journal suggests it might be a ploy after all. The report, hidden behind a pay wall, would explain how Kroenke could make his ownership bid without worrying about cross-ownership rules that could affect his ownership of the NBA and NHL teams in Denver.

The involved parties have kept their public comments to a minimum. Uncertainty surrounding the Rams makes it tougher for the organization to credibly connect with St. Louis. That makes it tougher to sell tickets.

Update: More from Miklasz.