Cardinals get their nose tackle

Verizon Draft Analysis: Dan Williams (0:52)

Herm Edwards breaks down the Cardinals' first-round draft pick Dan Williams (0:52)

The first round fell nicely for Arizona and the Cardinals were patient enough to wait their turn instead of sacrificing valuable draft capital to move up at the last minute.

Nose tackle Dan Williams was projected in mock drafts as the likely 12th pick, to Miami. Getting him at No. 26 stands as a fortunate development if Williams meets expectations.

The Cardinals badly needed a nose tackle and the value appears to be there with this choice. Marrying value with need is always the goal. Arizona did it nicely with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Beanie Wells in recent first rounds. Williams appears to fit the same profile.

Arizona was patient and it paid off.

The 49ers couldn't make the same claim when they somewhat inexplicably moved up from 13th to 11th before drafting Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis, even though everyone knew Davis probably wasn't going to be drafted 11th or 12th.