Schneider, Carroll ham it up

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seahawks wanted more unified leadership when they hired coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

Watching the two banter back and forth like college roommates Thursday night showed an unusual comfort level between the two.

They busted on one another repeatedly and in good fun, drawing laughs throughout a news conference to mark their selection of Russell Okung and Earl Thomas in the first round of the draft.

Okung and Schneider both rolled 63s during an offseason bowling trip. Carroll took a shot at his own score (128) while pointing out Schneider's futility and noting that he expected more from someone who had spent so much time in Green Bay.

Schneider later dropped a sarcastic quip -- "Sorry, your question" -- complete with finger waves toward Carroll after jumping on a question intended for the head coach.

It was comical at times and reporters were laughing along.

Collaboration between coach and GM was a top priority when the Seahawks sought new leadership following two losing seasons. The obvious rapport between Carroll and Schneider shows ownership is getting what it wanted. If the tandem fails, it won't be for lack of good humor.