Blame game: More Taylor Mays

You won't hear the 49ers complaining about Taylor Mays' fall into the second round. But when Mays himself assesses what happened, he points the blame directly at Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

We covered the spirit of Mays' frustrations on the blog Friday. ESPN's Shelley Smith quotes Mays more specifically in this subsequent piece:

"I wish I would have known why I wouldn't be taken in the first round. At least have been shown what I needed work on. Here's my head coach, the person I trust most, telling me I had nothing to worry about and then I'm worrying about it [when it's too late] because I'm not getting picked."

This is just baffling. Even if Carroll thought someone would draft Mays higher, he couldn't guarantee the draft would play out a certain way. Lots of players were drafted later than expected. It happens every year. Some projected Mays' teammate, Everson Griffen, would be a first-round choice. He remains available heading into the fourth round. At least Mays went in the top 50.

"This is a remarkably competitive guy and prideful," Carroll said. "I'm sure he's got a chip on his shoulder and it's going to serve him well. It's not going to help us in the division, but he's a terrific player, he's an extraordinary kid and I felt bad for him that it didn't happen quicker in the first round."

Mays' new coach, Mike Singletary, was ticked when he slipped out of the first round back in 1981. All he did was become a Hall of Famer.

Mays will eventually realize Carroll wasn't responsible for his slide. Carroll seemed to sense as much Friday night.

"One of our other coaches got a chance to talk to him," Carroll said. "He might want to wait a couple days before he talks to me. I love him to death and I know how competitive he is and I don't blame him for being the way he is."