Alex Barron headed to the Pro Bowl?

The Cowboys have had decent luck adding highly drafted offensive linemen from current NFC West teams.

Leonard Davis, chosen second overall by the Cardinals in 2001, has gone to the Pro Bowl every season since signing with Dallas as a free agent in 2007. He never went to a Pro Bowl previously.

The Cowboys are a glamour team, so they're going to get more players named to Pro Bowls, but Davis was the first player Patrick Willis mentioned when I asked him last week to name the best guards he faces each year.

Dallas' acquisition of Alex Barron from the Rams gives the Cowboys another talented first-round choice with NFC West roots. The Rams selected Barron with the 19th overall choice in 2005. Barron has played well at times, but he has not been consistent. He has also ranked among the league leaders in penalties.

Some Rams fans I've heard from are a little nervous about losing Barron because they think the team will lack quality depth at tackle without him. Barron is probably a frustrating player to coach because he commits so many penalties and doesn't consistently play to his potential. Sometimes it's more comforting for a staff to know it can count on a less-talented player -- Adam Goldberg comes to mind -- that to wonder what a more-talented player might do on a specific play.

At the same time, it's the job of a staff to get more from its players. The Cowboys have been able to do that with Davis. Can they do it with Barron?