Terrell Owens and the NFC West

Tony Grossi's note about the Browns ruling out Terrell Owens as an option comes as no surprise.

Team president Mike Holmgren was never a fan of high-maintenance players, and general manager Tom Heckert was with the Eagles when Owens' act grew old there.

Owens' availability this late in the offseason struck me as somewhat odd, however. Owens might be winding down, but anyone with a 98-yard reception at age 36 must have something left.

For fun, I broke out Owens' key 2009 stats and showed where he would have ranked among NFC West receivers last season. The answer: in the top five every time.

2009 Receptions: T.O. vs. NFC West

2009 Receiving Yards: T.O. vs. NFC West

2009 Yards Per Reception: T.O. vs. NFC West

2009 Receiving TDs: T.O. vs. NFC West