You called it: Wall of Fame proudly adds one

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando
PHOENIX -- All rise. Please remain standing while the honorable IAmJonasJones takes his well-deserved place on the Wall of Fame.

The Wall, honoring those who pick NFC West scores and outcomes exactly, had not welcomed a new member since Week 14. That changed when IAmJonasJones predicted a 30-24 Cardinals victory over the Falcons in the wild-card round Saturday. Way to go!

IAmJonasJones made his prediction Friday night, well in advance of the deadline. He now joins a Wall of Fame that runs four deep:

  • Elion245. Forecast the Redskins' 20-17 victory over the Seahawks in Week 12.

  • Leesters. Forecast the Bears' 27-3 victory over the Rams in Week 12.

  • habitat730. Forecast the Cardinals' 34-10 victory over the Rams in Week 14.

  • IamJonasJones. Forecast the Cardinals' 30-24 victory over the Falcons in a wild-card playoff game.

Leesters' name will remain on the Wall even though he declined to make a prediction, feebly offering the following explanation: "I respectfully decline. The old Cardinal fan in me is coming out. I am fearing the worst."

Wall of Fame board members considered levying against Leesters a one-week suspension from the Wall for blatant fan disloyalty, but after consulting the Cardinals' history, Leesters is forgiven. We trust he won't let it happen again.

We had 30 predictions calling for a Cardinals victory, which means the Cardinals cannot accurately claim that "no one outside this locker room" gave them a chance.

Several people came very close to hitting the final score. Vendigital missed by one point (30-24). Fieldsy missed by two points (28-24). Billynutzz (27-24) and cronrath10 (30-27) missed by three points. Joblo876 (30-20) missed by four points and loweryj36 (31-28) missed by five. Among people picking the Cardinals, dean613 predicted 30 points for the Cardinals (17 for the Falcons), while six predicted the Falcons' point total correctly.

Thank the Cardinals for keeping "You called it" going longer than NFC West bashers would have expected. We'll take predictions for the divisional round later in the week.

The fine print: Those submitting predictions for "You called it" must pick the winner correctly for their scores to be considered. Scoring is easy to calculate. The difference between a 20-17 prediction and a 31-14 outcome would be 14 points. We would calculate this by adding the difference between 20 and 31 to the difference between 17 and 14.