Reading between lines on Stan Kroenke

Somewhat out of the blue, Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke issued a statement Tuesday updating where he stands, at least in his view, as the NFL reviews his bid to purchase full control of the team. I'll offer my thoughts after first pasting a copy of the statement:

After meeting with the NFL Finance Committee and Commissioner Goodell, we recently submitted a proposal to the league regarding the St. Louis Rams’ Partnership agreement and our right to buy the remaining 60 percent of the franchise. Although no final decisions have been made, we are pleased with the progress we have made to this point. We will continue to respect the Rosenbloom family and the league and its processes as we work to finalize a transaction in the coming months. My family looks forward to owning the Rams, Nuggets and Avalanche for years to come while being compliant with all stipulations set by the NFL. Our family remains committed to fans in St. Louis and Denver. As many people know, our son Josh has been involved with many of our organizations for several years and that family continuity remains a priority.

The statement appears targeted primarily toward the Denver market amid speculation that Kroenke might divest in the NHL and NBA teams he owns there as part of his effort to comply with NFL rules on cross-ownership. The statement lends credence to speculation that Kroenke might shift ownership of the Nuggets and Avalanche to family members, including his son, to comply with NFL rules on cross-ownership. Kroenke also hopes to discourage talk that he might move the Rams after purchasing full control of them.

Kroenke appears flexible. The NFL has demonstrated flexibility in accommodating the owners it wants as part of its fraternity. All signs point to Kroenke gaining approval from the NFL.