49ers' stadium measure leading big

The San Francisco 49ers have to feel good about their chances for a new stadium in Santa Clara after reviewing early ballot results for Measure J.

The Santa Clara Registrar of Voters shows the measure leading 61.29 percent to 38.71 percent with 10 of 58 precincts reporting. Results show 8,383 votes in favor and 5,295 opposed out of roughly 46,000 registered voters in Santa Clara.

Those numbers make passage seem very likely at this point. Those early returns account for 29.7 percent of registered voters. Absentee ballots tend to get counted first and large numbers of voters are going that route to make their voices heard.

Passage of Measure J doesn't guarantee construction of a new stadium -- there are additional hurdles to clear -- but it would be a giant step toward that goal.

Update: The registrar's website showed only 710 new votes with eight additional precincts reporting. Looks like that first run of absentee ballots will account for much of the vote. The measure is still getting better than 60 percent. It's very hard to envision this measure losing.