Additional thoughts on Jason Smith's injury

St. Louis Rams left tackle Jason Smith earned the top spot on John Clayton's list of second-year players hoping to bounce back from underwhelming rookie seasons.

Smith appeared comfortable during recent practices after spending last season at right tackle, coach Steve Spagnuolo told reporters Friday. But an injured toe -- it's a stress fracture -- will keep Smith off the field until training camp.

"There's no need for any kind of corrective surgery," Spagnuolo told reporters. "That’s what I’ve been told, so you just shut them down. Now, he’ll be able to do non-weight bearing exercises. I think they had him on the bike today and he’ll get in the pool eventually. We’re just going to be smart with it right now. The good thing is that Jason got nine and a half or 10 practices in here, so I was looking for the silver lining. You certainly wouldn’t want that happening at the beginning and then him not get any offseason work, but I thought he was just feeling really comfortable doing some things over there at left tackle. So we’ll just pick things back up in training camp."

I checked in with ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell for her thoughts on the injury.

"Never good, but not necessarily catastrophic," she replied via email. "Depends on where it is in the process. As in, it might be on the path to healing already (which is sometimes the case when they find them). Could be anywhere from a couple weeks of inactivity to six weeks or so (which would not be great)."