A sign Chudzinski fared well in 49ers interview

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The 49ers' decision to interview former Browns quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer tells us the team thinks highly of Rob Chudzinski as its potential offensive coordinator.

Chudzinski, who recently interviewed for the coordinating job, worked closely with Scherer in Cleveland. The 49ers would not consider Scherer as a potential quarterbacks coach without feeling good about Chudzinski as coordinator.

While the 49ers want the best coordinator they can get, they also want to develop continuity on offense after frequently changing coordinators in recent seasons. If they hired Chudzinski as coordinator and groomed Scherer for the job in case Chudzinski left after a couple seasons, the 49ers could feel more confident about maintaining stability at the position.

Something to keep in mind as the 49ers move closer to filling out Mike Singletary's staff.