Not seeing need for 49ers to grab WR

Alex from Green Bay writes: In my opinion, San Francisco still needs a receiver while both Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan grow and develop. And with Vincent Jackson in a heated dispute in San Diego, is there any chance San Francisco seriously tries to trade for Jackson?

Mike Sando: I'm with you to an extent in that I have thought the 49ers could use an upgrade at the third receiver spot. They haven't had a third receiver good enough to justify going with three wide receivers on earlier downs. Perhaps Ted Ginn Jr. can fill some of that void. Overall, though, I don't think the 49ers have a great need at wide receiver. They have a Pro Bowl tight end coming off a breakout season as a receiver. Crabtree was already a good player as a rookie last season even though he had minimal preparation. He'll improve.

Crabtree and Morgan will develop faster by playing. I don't see a great need to make a play for another veteran receiver. They added Ginn and they still have Brandon Jones as a fallback plan should something go wrong.