St. Louis Rams weakness: Playmakers

With the exception of Steven Jackson and maybe James Laurinaitis, who can be considered a true playmaker on the Rams’ roster?

With his great ability to force turnovers, Oshiomogho Atogwe probably would qualify, but his all-around game isn't superb. Chris Long might be primed to take a step forward and make a real impact at defensive end. Quarterback Sam Bradford obviously has a ton going for him as the first overall selection, but labeling him a playmaker right now is way too premature.

This is a problem. Creating mismatches in all phases of the game with superior talent is a huge part of winning games at this level. Instead, the Rams seem primed to be on the receiving end of such mismatches. This is a massive rebuilding project that probably will take a few more offseasons to complete.

Just how far away are the Rams? I consider the NFC West the weakest division in the league, but the cream of the division -- San Francisco and Arizona -- is far better off in the playmakers department than St. Louis. Remember, when classifying the Rams’ playmakers, I reached a little with Long and maybe Laurinaitis.

Can a team be successful with a lack of playmakers? I suppose it is possible, but it would be very difficult. St. Louis is lacking in this area. It is going to be a while, St. Louis fans.