What to know about Seahawks, Atogwe

The Seattle Seahawks have taken fliers on Reggie Williams, Mike Williams and LenDale White.

For a while, they were the only team publicly expressing interest in former Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall. They scooped up J.P. Losman as if to say, "Hey, why not?"

However, news that Atogwe has interest in Seattle doesn't mean the Seahawks have interest in him. The team has no plans to bring him in for a visit.

The fit in Seattle would seem questionable because the Seahawks have already invested heavily in rookie safety Earl Thomas, the 14th player chosen in the NFL draft. Atogwe, like Thomas, projects as a coverage safety. It's tough to envision the Seahawks investing significantly in two players at the same position.

Safeties can be somewhat interchangeable depending on scheme and Thomas has the ability to play cornerback if needed, but that hasn't been the plan so far this offseason.