You called it: Fearless predictions for Week 20

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

While no one leaving comments here a week ago foresaw the Cardinals' 33-13 victory over the Panthers in the NFC divisional round, the esteemed c6a27p90 did predict a 34-14 result favoring Arizona. No one came closer.

Are you prescient enough to name the winner and final score for the NFC Championship Game between the Eagles and Cardinals? If you can pull it off, we'll make room for you on a Wall of Fame already featuring:

  • Elion245. Forecast the Redskins' 20-17 victory over the Seahawks in Week 12.

  • Leesters. Forecast the Bears' 27-3 victory over the Rams in Week 12.

  • habitat730. Forecast the Cardinals' 34-10 victory over the Rams in Week 14.

  • IamJonasJones. Forecast the Cardinals' 30-24 victory over the Falcons in a wild-card playoff game.

Simply leave your fearless prediction in the comments section of this blog entry. We'll accept them there until kickoff Sunday. In order to make this sound like some sort of national sweepstakes, let me point out that entries must be timestamped before the official kickoff time, as logged in the official NFL gamebook.

More fine print: Those submitting predictions for "You called it" must pick the winner correctly for their scores to be considered. Scoring is easy to calculate. The difference between a 20-17 prediction and a 31-14 outcome would be 14 points. We would calculate this by adding the difference between 20 and 31 to the difference between 17 and 14.