Chat wrap: Debating the Cardinals' chances

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who contributed to the chat. One item from each team in the division:

John (Boston, MA): How can anyone actually believe Arizona has a shot in this game? They lost 48-20 to Philadelphia less than two months ago. People who pick them say that they can win because their defense will force turnovers and because that crowd will be deafening. Um, do they not realize that McNabb is not exactly Matt Ryan or Jake Delhomme when it comes to turning the ball over? And do they also forget that the Eagles went into the dome in Minnesota and won? Eagles 31-13.

Mike Sando: The Thanksgiving game seems irrelevant. If the Eagles and Ravens advance, are people going to write off McNabb and Philly based on what happened when in the Eagles-Ravens game months earlier? I would think not.

Ruben (Highland, Ca): Hey Mike, If the Rams stay at no. 2 and no. 35, who do you see them taking? If they are able to move down a few spots and pick up an extra 2nd, will the targets be the same?

Mike Sando: It's always good to start with a Rams-related question. We need more of them. The Rams need to help their offensive line, but the draft might be deep enough in tackles for St. Louis to find a starter with that 35th pick. They could then use the second pick to find more of a play-maker. That would be one theory. As for names, I'd be guessing. We might have a better idea when the team names a coach and settles on schemes for the 2009 season.

Joe (Davis, CA): Sando, do you foresee the 49ers being players in the offseason FA market?

If so, do you think they'll go after FA OT Jordan Gross?

Mike Sando: That route has worked so well in the past (Jonas Jennings). I see the Panthers re-signing Gross and the 49ers going the draft route.

David (Bellevue, WA): Hey Sando. In your mind, what are the chances of the Seahawks sticking with the #4 pick and drafting Crabtree? I know this question is like beating a dead horse but with players choosing to stay at school, I'm starting to get worried. (Bradford staying at OU and even Mays at USC, someone might trade up now to grab Crabtree) AND do you see us picking up a big free agent like Haynesworth? Thanks! Go Hawks!

Mike Sando: I don't necessarily see Seattle spending big on a free-agent defensive lineman. The Seahawks have so much money tied up in Patrick Kerney, and they have invested high draft choices in a Lawrence Jackson and Darryl Tapp. The feeling I got at Jim Mora's news conference Tuesday was that Mora and GM Tim Ruskell expect their new defensive staff to push some of these younger players harder than they've been pushed. As for the draft, I do think the Seahawks might go for an offensive playmaker if available.

I'll hit the mailbag in a bit. Full chat transcript here. We discussed at some length how much to read into the Cardinals' game at Philadelphia in Week 13.