Madden 11: NFC West by position

The annual Madden video game player rankings have been published for every team in the league.

ESPN.com lets you sort them by team.

I've taken the rankings for every player and started to look at them through various tables. I'll break out several of them on the blog, beginning with the one you see below. This one shows the average ratings for each NFC West team at each position, based on all players at that position, including backups.

Things to keep in mind when looking at this chart in particular:

  • All rankings are subjective;

  • Backup players affect averages just as much as starting players;

  • Rosters change, so some averages will not be 100 percent reflective of current rosters;

  • Rankings tend to overvalue high draft choices (Sam Bradford is the highest-rated quarterback in the NFC West with an 80 rating, just ahead of Matt Hasselbeck's 79);

  • This stuff is for fun, but I also think the Madden people are diligent, so the rankings are another tool we can consult in getting a feel for how teams are perceived;

  • These rankings provide good starting points for discussion.

OK, here goes with the first chart. Back with more as the day progresses.

Madden 11: NFC West positional averages