Madden 11: NFC West toughness ratings

Danny Amendola and Jerome Murphy come to mind immediately when I think of the toughest players in the NFC West.

Patrick Willis is down the list.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Right.

But in looking at the Madden 11 rankings for NFC West players, I saw Amendola and Murphy listed with 95 ratings, with Willis at 94. The first chart shows the 19 NFC West players with toughness ratings of at least 94.

Here's what I'm told: "Toughness is used to a) help determine likelihood of injury and b) speed at which a player can recover from injury."

The video game ranks players across a long list of categories. I'll break out the players with the highest overall ratings shortly.

Madden 11: Highest NFC West toughness ratings

The second chart shows average ratings for toughness by position for NFC West teams.

Lawrence Jackson's surprising 95 rating -- highest among defensive linemen in the division -- helped give Seattle's defensive line the highest average in the category. I have no idea how Darnell Dockett and Justin Smith have toughness ratings of only 88, a notch behind Seahawks rookie receiver Golden Tate (89). Both are durable.

Madden 11: NFC West toughness averages

By the way, 49ers receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has the lowest toughness rating in the division (50). Rams cornerback Justin King is next at 52, followed by Cardinals receiver Early Doucet (54), Seahawks receiver Deion Branch (55), Rams offensive lineman Rodger Saffold (55) and Cardinals offensive lineman Ben Claxton (55).

Kickers and punters received higher toughness ratings.

Sounds like a good time to point out how I'm just the messenger on this one, folks.