What to know about Bradford deal

Forgive me for yawning as NFL teams sign their draft choices, but the vast majority of these deals get done sooner rather than later.

The Michael Crabtree situation last year was one exception.

When people ask whether the St. Louis Rams will get Sam Bradford signed in time for camp, my stock answer is that they probably will. The agent, Tom Condon, and the Rams' negotiator, Kevin Demoff, have experience working on these types of deals. Bradford seems eager to get into camp on time. There's no reason to expect an extended impasse. Until there is a reason, Rams fans can relax.

I've read through some of the comments left on ESPN.com's story about Bradford and the Rams working toward a record-setting deal.

"This is absolutely ridiculous," edutil21 wrote. "Not that I don't like Sam Bradford, but the guy has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve a contract of this magnitude."

Relax. Bradford was the first player chosen in the most recent draft. He plays quarterback. He's going to get a record deal or the agent isn't doing his job. And if an NFL team drafts a quarterback first overall in 2011, that quarterback will get a record deal (barring changes to the collective bargaining agreement).

The figures keep getting larger. Quarterback remains a premium position. This is just part of the game.