No doubt, uncapped year helped Seahawks

Former Washington Redskins executive J.I. Halsell has been a must-read on NFL salary issues ever since his blog debuted in January 2009.

His association with Football Outsiders has brought his work to ESPN Insider subscribers, most recently with this piece on salary dynamicsInsider in the NFC West.

The Insider piece shows Seattle with more than $16 million in dead money -- the most in the division. The figure represents salary-cap charges the Seahawks would have incurred this season for players no longer on their roster. The absence of a salary cap affirms my feeling that Seattle had lots to gain from an uncapped year.

Deon Grant's contract would have counted nearly $6 million against a salary cap once the Seahawks released him, for example. That's about the same amount his contract would have counted if the team had kept him on its roster and paid his $4 million salary.