Chat wrap: Cards' defense on borrowed time?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who dropped by my portion of the Super Bowl chat. I'll provide a few highlights here:

Martha, Irvine, CA: Are the Cardinals playing on barrowed time? They now play the best of the best "DEFENSIVELY SPEAKING" with the Steelers. Do the Steelers have the personnel to shut them down?

Mike Sando: The Steelers can shut down anyone, but I'll be honest. I thought the Eagles' defense was playing very well, and I thought the Eagles would give the Cardinals more problems. Arizona is very well coached offensively. Ken Whisenhunt, Russ Grimm and Todd Haley will probably have a very good plan. I think that helps the Cardinals' chances.

bruce(washington d.c.) [via mobile]: I know this sounds crazy, but the Card's D has been remarkable this postseason. Which defense will show up? How big of a chance do the Cardinals have?
Mike Sando: I give the Cardinals a good chance. Based on what I have seen from them lately, I expect them to stop the run effectively most of the time. They had a good plan for the Eagles. Instead of rushing upfield to get pressure and losing containment, as happened in the Week 13 game against the Eagles, Arizona stayed home and it paid off.

Pole - Hawaii: I wouldn't get to down on Boldin. He is a fierce competitor who wanted to get into the game. Contract dispute aside, I think this blows over and he contributes in the SB.

Mike Sando: I also think that situation blows over for now. As Whisenhunt said, it obviously didn't affect them. The team finished well enough to win.

Tj ( Pittsburgh, Pa): Im a huge Steelers fan and i was at the game yesterday and i saw first hand how good the Steelers defense is. i dont see how the cards can win against them. Your thoughts.

Mike Sando: I did not see the Cardinals scoring 32 points on the Eagles. I did not see them scoring 33 against the Panthers at Carolina. They scored 30 against Atlanta the week before. They scored 29 on the Giants during the regular season. They scored 41 on the Dolphins. See where this is headed? At this point, I wouldn't put anything past Arizona.

The full transcript for this marathon chat also features input from Paul Kuharsky, Bill Williamson, Pat Yasinskias, Bill Barnwell, Aaron Schatz, James Walker and Kevin Seifert.