The last man unaware of Carroll's book

Seems like the Pete Carroll book tour has been everywhere in recent weeks.

It's been hard to avoid seeing Carroll on multiple ESPN platforms, NFL Network, various radio and television stations, satellite radio and in bookstores. Carroll has seemingly been everywhere in the sports media, but there was apparently one football person with ties to the Seahawks claiming ignorance about the coach's new book, "Win Forever."

"I don't even know what 'Win Forever' is," Jim Mora told 710ESPN Seattle when asked facetiously whether he would pick up a copy.

Mora was then told "Win Forever" was the title of the book.

"Whose, Pete's? Oh, he wrote a book?" Mora replied. "Oh, that's neat. No, I thought he had a book called 'Compete', no?"

The mantra "always compete" is a theme of the book, but not the title.

"Oh," Mora said, laughing dismissively. "That's novel when you're in pro sports. I don't know if I will or not. I don't usually read those types of books. I'm reading 'War' by Sebastian Junger. Those are the kinds of books I read."

Full audio here. The above sequence begins around the 18:52 mark.