Chat wrap: 49ers' search, Boldin's future, etc.

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who dropped by our weekly NFC West chat. A sampling:

Ernie (Portales, NM): Hey Mike, What do you think the chances of the Cardinals Defense have on slowing down Willie Parker?
Mike Sando: Pretty good. Arizona has played very good run defense most of the time. Adrian Peterson had his way, but other strong running teams, including the Giants, didn't find much room on the ground against the Cardinals.

Ted (SF): Hi Mike, I am a little worried about the Niners and their OC situation. I want some continuity, but not if that means mediocrity. What can we hope for? Thanks for your blogs!

Mike Sando: The 49ers have apparently overestimated how attractive others would view their situation. I think you should be concerned at this point. Firing Mike Martz made sense for obvious reasons, but if you're going to get rid of someone, you'd better have a superior alternative. The 49ers did not have a superior alternative lined up. They can still hire a good coach, but so far, not so good.

Mike (Avondale, AZ): In your opinion, is Boldin gone after this season regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl?

Mike Sando: No, but I would put the percentage higher now than I would have six weeks ago. Injuries have slowed Boldin. Larry Fitzgerald has become even more dominant. The sideline incident will linger in terms of how Boldin is perceived, fairly or not. And then the overall team success allows the Cardinals to operate from a position of strength in that the organization is definitely bigger than any one player.

patrick (STL): Mike- what are you hearing about "spags" as Rams head coach and the newly appointed OC/DC in Shurmer-Flajole
Mike Sando: The first impression on Spagnuolo was positive. I do wonder if he's banking too heavily on inexperienced people in key positions. This is something I addressed on the blog this morning. The Rams now have a first-time head coach with first-time coordinators on both sides of the ball.

Keith (IOWA): What is your prediction for the Super Bowl?

Mike Sando: I'll make an official prediction as part of our predictions package. That is scheduled for next week. As noted, I'll have fun with it and I'll strongly consider picking Arizona.

The full transcript is available here for those who missed the chat and those seeking to relive the magic.