Another look at NFC West roster turnover

Count the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals are among NFL teams returning only one quarterback from their 2009 Week 17 rosters (counting players who were on injured reserve).

The Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos are others.

It gets more interesting for Arizona. The Cardinals are one of three teams with fewer than four wide receivers returning from the final week of last season. The Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles also have three.

Of course, it helps when Larry Fitzgerald is one of them. But with so much focus on Kurt Warner's retirement, the Cardinals turnover at receiver sometimes escapes attention. Anquan Boldin, Jerheme Urban and Sean Morey have all been part of the rotation in recent seasons. All are gone.

In revisiting the June 4 item charting roster turnover across the league, I tweaked the parameters to break down the numbers by position. It's easier to see where teams have blown up their rosters.

For example, the New England Patriots are the only team in the league with no tight ends returning (one of their castoffs, Chris Baker, landed in the NFC West with Seattle). The St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Bucs are the only teams with fewer than five linebackers returning (each has four).

The chart shows how many players at each position remain on NFC West rosters from Week 17 last season (again, counting players who were on injured reserve at that time). The Seahawks have the fewest players returning with 39. The Cardinals have the second-fewest with 40. The rest of the league has 48.8 players returning on average.

2010 NFC West roster carryover