Rams' Sam Bradford can finally exhale

It was easy for people not named Sam Bradford to shrug and yawn while the St. Louis Rams negotiated his contract.

His veteran agent, Tom Condon, has negotiated hundreds of contracts over the years. Condon had to know Bradford's deal would get done eventually, and probably on time or close to it. The experience was much different for Bradford himself. He's 22 years old and was understandably concerned about missing practice time at training camp.

Condon wasn't exactly calling with updates every minute, either.

"I think that’s what was really nerve-racking," Bradford told reporters at Rams camp Saturday. "Tom would tell me, 'We’re getting ready to go into a meeting. I’ll call you afterwards,' and it would be four or five hours and I’m doing nothing but looking at the phone, because starting Tuesday he told me, 'You’ve got to be ready to come up here at any time.' "

Bradford was in Oklahoma City all week, ready to catch the last flight to St. Louis.

"All day I’m just sitting there like, 'Alright, I might catch (a flight) tonight,' " Bradford said. "Then five hours would go by and I wouldn’t hear anything and then he’d call and be like, 'Maybe tomorrow.' That was really frustrating at times."

Getting Bradford into camp at this point gives him a good chance to make his debut during the Rams' Aug. 14 exhibition opener against the Minnesota Vikings in the Edward Jones Dome. I'm heading to St. Louis for that game and hope to get a good, long look at the player the Rams have entrusted to lead them back to relevance.