Early signs positive for Steven Jackson

Every team in the NFL has at least four players with Pro Bowl honors on their resumes.

Every team but the St. Louis Rams, that is. The Rams have only one Pro Bowl player on their roster and that player, Steven Jackson, is coming off back surgery. With so little star power on their roster, the Rams absolutely, positively need Jackson healthy and contributing at his normal level.

That's why the team had to be encouraged when Jackson passed his physical examination heading into training camp.

"The back is fully healed," Jackson told reporters at Rams camp Saturday. "We really worked hard this offseason to make sure the durability will still be there. I can still run in the natural way I’m used to running. I don’t have to adjust my style for anything. I think it’s more so just getting my feet underneath me again, making the cuts I’m able to make and working on the field of vision."

Jackson confirmed what ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell said about the injury initially: Jackson would be more apt to aggravate the disk injury through non-football activities such as traveling or heavy squat lifting than through getting tackled during games or practices

"The football, the hitting -- I’m not worried about it," Jackson said. "I’ll be ready to go."