Whisenhunt comfortable with Matt Leinart

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart said he hopes coach Ken Whisenhunt gives him extra reps during exhibition games this summer.

Whisenhunt said he might not go that route, for two reasons.

One, the team thinks backup Derek Anderson needs extra work in the system because he's new to the Cardinals this season. Two, Whisenhunt already feels comfortable enough with Leinart to go into the season with him as the starter. He sees no dire need to get extra work for Leinart.

The second reason runs counter to perceptions about the Cardinals' quarterback situation as the team transitions from Kurt Warner to Leinart. Whisenhunt isn't panicking. While giving Warner his due, Whisenhunt also points out ways the offense can improve with a different style of quarterback.

For example: I asked Whisenhunt whether having a younger quarterback would put more pressure on the running backs to execute their protection assignments properly. My thought was that Warner's experience might have allowed him to bail out the running backs in certain situations.

"I think it's about an even split," Whisenhunt said. "There was no question there were some things Kurt bailed you out on because he got rid of the ball quick. I think we've made progress with Matt and our other guys about understanding that. I also think there were some things that would have maybe gone the other way if we had held onto the ball a little bit longer or stayed in on some of the plays -- and I'm not slighting Kurt."

This is an angle I'd like to develop in a Camp Confidential piece later in the week.