Postscript on Anquan Boldin's departure

The divorce involving the Arizona Cardinals and receiver Anquan Boldin appeared mutually agreed upon.

It was refreshing to attend Cardinals training camp without the usual questions about Boldin's contract status, how he fit into the team's plans, whether he would practice and everything else that went into that situation in recent years.

It's likewise been refreshing for Boldin to leave behind those issues, as he explained during a recent interview with the Scott Van Pelt Show:

"For me, it's very refreshing to come to an organization like this, somewhere where I'm wanted, somewhere where I'm welcomed with open arms. Just to be able to come out and play football and not have to worry about the business side. Since I've gotten here, everyone has been straight up with me. They have let me know what they expect, how they want me to approach the game and things like that. I can just come out and play football and feel free and not have to worry about all the other stuff."

Boldin stuck to his contention that the Cardinals failed to fulfill promises to him, but that stuff is old news. Both parties are better off leaving their relationship in the past. There will come a time for reconciliation, probably years from now when the organization has new leadership. That's what it took for Kenny Easley to take his place in the Seattle Seahawks' Ring of Honor after a bitter estrangement. Boldin was one of the greatest Cardinals. The way he left the team should not diminish that.