Audio: Sam Bradford, Rams and NFC West

101ESPN St. Louis has posted audio from my conversation with former Rams defensive tackle D'Marco Farr, Bob Ramsey and Randy Karraker.

This was recorded just as the Rams were taking the field for their practice Monday. My take on the Rams:

"When I look here with the Rams, I think there are just more holes than there are on the other teams in the division. But also, a little bit more promise long term because, unlike those other teams, when a No. 1 overall quarterback has barely played, the sky is the limit. We've all seen what Alex Smith can't do. We've all seen what Matt Leinart can't do. We haven't seen the limitations, whatever they might be, for Sam Bradford. So, to me, there is hope. By the end of this season, they should be feeling like, 'This is our guy and we're excited' and then talk about contending within the division [in the future]."

We also touched on the other NFC West teams. As a former player, Farr liked what he's heard about Seattle Seahawks camp under Pete Carroll.