Conflicted Coffee tried to 'tolerate' football

Former San Francisco 49ers running back Glen Coffee knew he didn't want to play football even while at the University of Alabama.

"I left college early because I was done with football," Coffee told WJOX radio in Birmingham, Ala. "I figured, 'Maybe if I’m getting paid for it, I'll be able to tolerate it.' I knew at the time that money couldn’t buy happiness. Only true happiness comes through Christ. I still chanced it and entered the league. Obviously, that was the wrong choice."

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Coffee was obviously conflicted before ultimately informing the 49ers of his decision to retire. He said there's "no turning back" at this point.

"When I was in the league, my heart was always in turmoil," Coffee told WJOX. "And when my heart is in turmoil, I can’t account for anyone else. I can’t do what I want to do as far as spreading the gospel and ministry if my heart is not in peace. I really felt like for me to do what I need to do and for me to answer my calling, I needed to be outside of football. If you’re not at peace yourself, it’s hard to minister to others."