The night ahead: Wrapping up Rams camp

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams are finished with the two-a-day portion of training camp and I'll be heading home Thursday.

I've filled notebooks and conducted a long list of interviews over the last several days. Next up: processing the information beginning Wednesday night. A Camp Confidential report will appear on the blog before the week is out, plus several other Rams-related items stemming from this visit.

My feel for the team has improved tremendously and hopefully that will show as the season progresses.

I was about to list five observations from camp in the space below, but then what would go in the "Observation deck" section of the Camp Confidential? The suspense builds.

On second thought, here's one for the road: Sam Bradford looks the part, players are excited about him and it'll be an upset if the No. 1 overall choice doesn't start in Week 1.