Setting expectations for Seahawks' roster

The chart shows the Seattle Seahawks' roster counts by position as of Friday, with Week 1 counts for every season since 2003. This can, in theory, make it easier to see how many players the team might cut at a position before the regular season.

Teams must reduce to 75 players by Aug. 31 and to 53 by Sept. 4.

Analysis: The Seahawks have a new general manager and new head coach. They have new schemes. That means the numbers from past seasons might not help a great deal in setting expectations. Carrying only three quarterbacks through training camp gave the Seahawks flexibility. Their 14 defensive linemen ties for the most in the league, but that could reflect short-term health concerns. Amon Gordon, added this week, provides flexibility heading into the second exhibition game. Note: I needed to change Ricky Foley from linebacker to defensive end, a scheme-related adjustment.

Seattle Seahawks roster counts: 2003-present