Video: Matt Leinart's job security

ESPN's Adam Schefter suggested Derek Anderson could be gaining on Matt Leinart in the race to start at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. It's a subject worth discussing because coach Ken Whisenhunt has benched Leinart before, albeit in favor of Kurt Warner, not Anderson.

"I really have to disagree with the notion that Derek Anderson has looked better in camp," Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic said during the "SportsCenter" video above. "It's been clear to anybody who is there every day that he hasn't and he hasn't really pushed Leinart yet."

The Cardinals would like to see Leinart play aggressively and effectively, taking hold of the job and making it clear he's the man to lead Arizona's offense. So far, Leinart hasn't played poorly, but neither has he served notice that this is his team, his offense. He has looked more like a guy trying not to lose his job, and that is understandable, I suppose, given that poor play cost him his job two years ago.

Anderson hasn't performed any better, though, and that's the dilemma for Whisenhunt. Yes, the coach wants to make Leinart earn the job, but it's tough to make a change if the backup isn't looking any better. It matters how the Arizona quarterbacks perform against the Tennessee Titans on ESPN's "Monday Night Football" -- even if Leinart is clearly the starter at this point.