NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

NFL teams must reduce rosters to 75 players Aug. 31, one week from now.

The reduction to 53 players falls Sept. 4.

With that in mind, I've updated and made available for download my rosters with 26 columns of information for every player who has spent time with an NFC West team over the past two or three seasons. I call them roided-out because they're a lot more muscular than the typical rosters, not because I'm implying anything about the players themselves.

The charts show roster counts by position for each NFC West team. The first row shows counts as of Tuesday. The other rows show Week 1 counts for the 2003 through 2009 seasons, with summary information below. It's helpful knowing how many players teams generally keep at a position.

For example, the Seahawks' acquisition of Brandon Jones makes the receiver situation in Seattle more interesting. The team will likely keep five or six at the position (teams generally keep seven only when injuries sideline key contributors).

The group could include T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch, Mike Williams and Golden Tate, with second-year pro Deon Butler solidly in the mix after a strong camp. Ben Obomanu was probably the sixth guy based in part on his special-teams ability, but Jones' arrival could change the dynamics if he's healthy.

Injuries often play a significant role in variances, although teams also make value judgments. The San Francisco 49ers saved a roster spot last season by keeping only two tight ends instead of three. That made it easier for them to keep a sixth wide receiver.

Arizona Cardinals roster counts: 2003-present

San Francisco 49ers roster counts: 2003-present

Seattle Seahawks roster counts: 2003-present

St. Louis Rams roster counts: 2003-present