Thoughts on Cardinals' trade for fullback

NFL teams hope to use draft choices for the best available talent.


ScottExtreme needs sometimes trump value, however, and the Arizona Cardinals found themselves in that situation after losing veteran fullback Nehemiah Broughton to a season-ending knee injury against the Chicago Bears on Saturday night.

The 2010 sixth-round pick Arizona used for cornerback Jorrick Calvin will instead net the team a replacement fullback; the Cardinals traded Calvin to the Philadelphia Eagles for Charles Scott. It's still not clear whether Scott will earn a spot on the 53-man roster, however.

Arizona did not sacrifice value. The Eagles drafted Scott with the 200th overall choice. The Cardinals drafted Calvin with the next pick. Scott was a running back at LSU, but the Eagles were using him at fullback (Scott is more than 230 pounds).

My Pro Football Weekly draft guide describes Scott this way, in part:

Good body mass. Is agile for his size and runs with good balance and body lean. ... Willing blocker. ... Carries the ball high and tight, and rarely puts it on the carpet. ... Tight in the hips and too straight-linish. ... Not a sledgehammer. Can do a better job lowering his shoulder and running through contact. ... Doesn't have great base strength as a blocker. ... A three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust, complementary big back and short-yardage and goal-line runner who is coming off an injury but can find a role.

Scott did suffer a broken clavicle during his final season at LSU. The injury was repaired surgically. The Cardinals will want a fullback on their roster, but their "Detroit" personnel grouping with one back and two tight ends can be more effective, it appears. Beanie Wells seems to run well from that grouping.