Nothing like a little fight among 49ers

Reporters covering the San Francisco 49ers provided round-by-round coverage of a practice-field dustup featuring receiver Michael Crabtree and Pro Bowl tight end Vernon Davis.

The two exchanged words before coach Mike Singletary took them both off the field and into the locker room.

Davis emerged first. Crabtree came out eventually and watched practice about 20 yards away from Davis.

Afterward, Singletary declined to discuss specifics. He said both players were wrong and there's "no more elephants in the room" -- an indication there once were elephants in the room. Davis can be volatile. Singletary has made him a team captain. Sounds like Davis might have gotten carried away a bit, reverting to past form, and that Singletary would like him to tone it down.

This should provide interesting story angles if, say, Davis has five touchdown passes and Crabtree has zero -- or vice versa -- at some point this season.

Update: Matt Maiocco's theory on what was bothering Davis.