Martz goes on offense, but record a drag

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

If teams were afraid to hire Mike Martz before the 49ers' former offensive coordinator opened up to nbcsports.com's Tom Curran, what might they be thinking now?

Martz: "People are determined to keep me out of the league. It's been going on for three years and at this point, I can't fight it. I just can't fight it. Three years of people putting it out there that I'm a high-maintenance lunatic. I keep asking, 'Who says these things?' No one will tell you. But I just put two and two together. But when you have a tag and the same damaging things get said two or three times it becomes very hard to shake that tag."

It becomes harder to shake that tag when your offenses fail to meet expectations. Whatever people said about Martz during his ugly divorce from the Rams following the 2005 season, his subsequent stops in Detroit and San Francisco have done little to change the subject.

Martz did great things with great players during his best years with the Rams. And while his passing games racked up a few impressive stats over the last three seasons, the Lions and 49ers ultimately concluded his approach was not sustainable.

We should note that the Rams and Lions have been considerably worse off since firing Martz. If the 49ers' offense tanks in 2009, Martz might again appear favorable by comparison. But the fact remains that his teams have posted losing records for five years running. His teams have produced one winning record since the Rams won the Super Bowl following the 2001 season.

Let's not forget the record when asking why teams might be less apt to hire a coordinator or head coach with strong opinions and a reputation for arrogance.