NFC West Gridiron Challenge: It's back

We're nearing 1,000 entries in early registration for the 2010 Blog Network Gridiron Challenge.

Could that many people really be wrong? Of course they could (many more thought Matt Leinart and T.J. Houshmandzadeh would factor into the NFC West this season). But there's really nothing to lose -- and Best Buy gift cards to potentially win -- for joining in our fantasy football fun.

It's easy. There's no time-consuming draft. Every player anyone would want for a fantasy lineup is available to anyone, every week.

Those whose teams perform best win glory on the blog from week to week. Those whose teams bomb skate through with no one noticing. It's a no-lose proposition and the borders have expanded beyond the NFC West this season (AFC North blogger James Walker is aboard).

Consider this your formal invite. A few tips:

  • How to join. Follow the link.

  • Overview: "Unlike in traditional fantasy football, where you are limited to the roster that you assemble via drafting, trading and waiver transactions, in the GIC you can have any player you'd like as long as you stay within the budget. Think of it as a stock market for NFL talent. Each player has a specific price tag to start the season that can fluctuate from week to week based on performance and demand for his services."

  • How to play: "The objective is to select a roster of eight offensive professional football players and one team, while staying under the $50 million salary cap, and accumulate the most points according to the scoring system. Once a player has been attained at a certain salary, that price is fixed and will not change as long as you have him on your roster. Each roster slot will lock at the scheduled kickoff of each individual football player's game."

  • Rules: "Each roster slot will lock at the scheduled kickoff of each individual football player's game. Entrants must make sure that each roster slot is finalized by the applicable lock-time. Selections or changes submitted after the lock-time are considered invalid. Sponsor's computer is the official time keeping device for this promotion."

  • FAQ: "You can be in up to three groups at a time. Find groups in the Group Directory and join away!"

  • Prizes: There's no prize for winning the Blog Network Gridiron Challenge group, but the overall winner from all Gridiron Challenge groups gets a $2,000 gift card to Best Buy. Runnerup gets a $1,000 gift card.

  • Sando's team: You can't see my lineup just yet, but it'll be visible once the games begin.

  • James Walker's team: Same goes for James.

Let's go. The season begins Thursday night.

Update: AFC East maestro Tim Graham has taken the challenge.