NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

Matt Hasselbeck called the Seattle Seahawks' flurry of roster moves an avalanche.

As in, the avalanche that swept away his good friend and teammate, the recently released Craig Terrill.

It's that time of year. NFL teams slash their rosters. Some slash more than others and the Seahawks have slashed more than most.

Terrill's departure from Seattle leaves right tackle Sean Locklear as the only member of the team's 2004 draft class, and his status is in question (Locklear and newly acquired right tackle Stacy Andrews are each scheduled to earn more than $5 million this season).

I've sifted through what's left and put together updated the 26-column roided-out rosters, available for download. These reflect the latest moves, including:

The chart shows positional counts for each team in the division. The Rams and Arizona Cardinals appear lighter than usual on the offensive line. The Seahawks and 49ers are a bit bloated at that position. Seattle appears light at linebacker, although defensive end Dexter Davis might provide flexibility at that position. The 49ers are light at running back, but third tight end Nate Byham could help out at fullback.

NFC West Roster Counts