Projecting the Seahawks' 2010 record

Giving the St. Louis Rams that victory in Week 4 seemed like a decent idea at the time.

The Rams haven't won a division game since 2007. The that should end at some point soon, I think, and when better than against the retooling Seattle Seahawks?

The problem, in retrospect, is that Seattle needs more victories than I could readily find on the Seahawks' schedule. Take away a previously routine victory at St. Louis and it's reasonable to think Seattle could take, say, an 0-6 record into Oakland.

Please do state your case if I'm terribly off-base here. I've been thinking of Seattle as a six- or seven-win team, but can you find that many likely victories on the schedule without projecting better-than-realistic results for the offensive line and beyond?

Let's take a run through Seattle's schedule:

Week 1: lose vs. 49ers

Week 2: lose at Broncos

Week 3: lose vs. Chargers

Week 4: lose at Rams

Week 5: no game

Week 6: lose at Chicago

Week 7: lose vs. Arizona

Week 8: win at Raiders

Week 9: lose vs. Giants

Week 10: lose at Cardinals

Week 11: lose at Saints

Week 12: win vs. Chiefs

Week 13: win vs. Panthers

Week 14: lose at 49ers

Week 15: lose vs. Falcons

Week 16: win at Bucs

Week 17: win vs. Rams

I've tried to avoid bold predictions. None of the projected outcomes would qualify as a big surprise under the circumstances. But it's also tougher to predict results for Seattle given how many changes the team has made. The Seahawks have fewer players back from last season than any team in the NFL.

The uncertainty surrounding Seattle dissuaded me from singling out potential "swing" games, as I normally would when projecting a schedule. A home victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the opener would certainly change perceptions. It's not a long shot; Seattle beat the 49ers at home last season. But I have a hard time predicting that outcome with Seattle searching for answers in so many areas.

Under this projection, the Seahawks would win four of the final six games, a reversal from last season. But their record would remain the same: 5-11.